Saturday, February 23, 2013

“Continually Becoming a Covenant People” (Sermon from Feb. 24)

This is my sermon from February 24th.  I'm sharing it a day early because we don't yet have a lot (any?) other members of the congregation actively online on this site and Facebook.  If you're coming tomorrow, this is a spoiler alert: don't keep reading if you want to be surprised!

Sisters and brothers of the downtown Toronto congregation, I come before you this morning as a herald of good news. This is news that I've wanted to bring for quite a long time. A long time whose duration has stretched from months to years and more again. Most recently, on three successive occasions, our date was pushed back due to snow. But last Wednesday, February 20, Mike and I finally crossed the border with our moving truck filled with objects meticulously itemized for Immigration Canada, and officially “landed,” becoming legal Canadian residents.

In some ways, our movement from the States to Canada has paralleled our congregation's movement from this historic building to a new location. It's loomed ahead of us for many years — overlapping years — the very first time we attended this congregation a little over four years ago, there happened to be a meeting after the worship service about whether or not the building should be sold to a developer. Feelings at that meeting were running deep and strong. In part, these were connected to memory and past disagreement over previous congregational amalgamation in the GTA — something that, at the time, I had no awareness of and even now only share second-hand. But my ignorance of the specifics met my passion head on — and passion won out. I'd really enjoyed my first service here, encountering all of you, and I was worried it would be lost before I could become a part of it. I remember — that first meeting — speaking up and saying that, as a denomination, Community of Christ can't be continually closing churches; rather, we need to be continually refilling empty pews.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moving Update

Your blogmaster (John Hamer) has been working on his move to Toronto in stages for a long, long time.  However, we crossed an enormous threshold yesterday, crossing the border with our moving truck, landing, and becoming legal residents of Canada.  I'll be giving the sermon at the congregation this Sunday, so I'll see you all there.

Meanwhile, if you're on Facebook, you can see our moving galleries here:  Day One, Day Two, Day Three.