Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Lecture Schedule

Our History, Theology, and Philosophy Lecture Series will continue to meet on selected Tuesday evenings during the summer months.

A History of Gnostic Thought

June 28 (Tues, 7 pm)
We’ll uncover the history of alternative groups in early Judeo-Christianity who believed that they alone knew the true, secret knowledge (gnosis) of the universe.

Polytheist Footprints in the Bible

July 12 (Tues, 7 pm)
Although in its present form the Hebrew Bible is a monotheistic text, many footprints remain that help us uncover the polytheistic roots of ancient Israelite religion.

Between the Testaments

August 2 (Tues, 7 pm)
Four centuries separate the last events of the Old Testament and the first episodes of the New Testament.  We’ll look at the fascinating history of those missing years.

The Fall of Roman Paganism

August 30 (Tues, 7 pm)
Only a tiny fraction of Romans were Christian when Constantine converted. We’ll look at why the old religions failed to meet the challenge of the new faith.