History, Theology, & Philosophy Seminars

History, Theology, & Philosophy Seminars

Selected Tuesdays (7pm) at Centre Place

How do you live a meaningful life?  What is the self?  Do you have free will or is everything determined?  What will make you happy?  What is happiness?  Why is there so much suffering in the world?  Does anything have any meaning?  If not, why do you value some things more than others? 

Our seminar group is committed to exploring these and similar questions as we bring in experts to lecture on topics including history, theology, philosophy, religious studies, comparative religions, literature, scripture study, and more.  

Anyone who is committed to life-long learning, who wants to be introspective and thoughtful about their own life, and to share ideas about how philosophers and theologians have wrestled with the same big issues throughout time should join us.  All events are free; donations are welcome. Light refreshments are served. 

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