About Us

Toronto Congregation is part of Community of Christ — an international church community established in fifty nations, including Canada.  We have had a congregation in the city of Toronto for more than a century and our members are committed to continuing to serve the community here.

Our Mission is to invite everyone into community, to continually learn & grow, to abolish poverty & end suffering, to pursue peace & justice everywhere, and to live life meaningfully together.  To these ends, as a church, we seek to build communities of joy, hope, love, and peace, throughout the world. We accomplish this mission by living according to a set of Enduring Principles, built upon the foundation of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

These Enduring Principles are:
• Grace and Generosity
• Sacredness of Creation
• Continuing Revelation
• Worth of All Persons
• All Are Called
• Responsible Choices
• Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)
• Unity in Diversity
• Blessings of Community

Although our congregation today is small and graying, we are welcoming to all.  We are excited to have you join us, so that we can share in the blessings of community together.

You can learn more about the Enduring Principles on Community of Christ's website.