Inclusive Church

inclusive church

10:00 am –12:30 pm Sundays

Scripture class at 10:00 am
Church at 11:00 am
Social time with snacks at noon

Too many churches have become mired in dogma, have misread ancient texts literally, and have fixated on making judgments based on a rules-centered conception of life.  At Centre Place, we strive to look for the meaning within all texts and to discover and promote enduring principles for living a meaningful and ethical life as individuals, in the many communities we touch, and throughout the world.

Our mission is to invite everyone into community, to continually learn & grow, to abolish poverty & end suffering, to pursue peace & justice everywhere, and to live life meaningfully together.

Each Sunday we meet together to share ideas, learn lessons, sing songs, to visit, to center ourselves, and to commune with the Divine.  You are invited to join us. Our congregation is LGBTQIA friendly.

Members and friends gathered on Sunday
morning in the sanctuary for inclusive church.

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