Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Service and Transition Planning Meeting

We want to extend a special invitation to our annual Christmas service, which will be held Dec. 23, 2012.  Every year we do a special service of singing carols together, hearing ministry of music, and readings related to the theme of the holiday.  This year Mike Karpowicz will be playing the organ (we're always excited when we have organ in addition to the piano), and Joyce Dawson and Leandro Palacios will be performing solos.  Hopefully we'll also have ministry of music from Virginia Hodgins on her flugelhorn or one of her other instruments.  This is always a special service and I hope you'll join us for it and the social gathering afterwards.

Before the service, at the 10:00 am hour, the congregation will have an important transition plan meeting.  I was able to attend a meeting of the leaders of the Toronto area congregations and the Canada East Mission Center last night and they all expressed their support for Toronto Congregation as we plan our future after we leave our current building.  Our pastor, Roger Dodson along with Chuck Boyd proposed that the congregation have a transition planning meeting during the 10:00 hour on the 23rd.  Our goal is to set up a Transition Team so that we can formulate a plan for the immediate transition so that we're prepared to continue to meet after we vacate our current building and also for a vision for our congregation going forward.  I hope you'll also join us for this important discussion.

Note that we'll continue to have our weekly meetings between now and the 23rd.  This Sunday, Dec. 2, will include a budgetary meeting.  Please join us every Sunday 10 am for adult Sunday School discussion group and 11 am worship, followed by socializing with coffee, tea, and snacks.

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