Thursday, September 29, 2016

October Lectures

Our History, Theology, and Philosophy Lecture Series will continue to meet this month on October 4th, 11th, and 25th.

Zoroastrianism: The First World Religion

October 4 (Tues, 7 pm)
Our lecture will explore the dualistic religion of ancient Persia, its substantial influence on Judeo-Christianity, and its survival today. Learn about the religion of the three Magi from the Christian nativity story.

Christian Schism: 2000 Years of Division

October 11 (Tues, 7 pm)
Why did Protestants separate from Catholics and each other?  How is Eastern Orthodoxy different from the ancient churches of the Orient and Ethiopia? Our lecture will chart 2,000 years of Christian Schism.

Who Wrote the Hebrew Bible?

October 25 (Tues, 7 pm)
According to some traditions, the Torah was written by Moses --- even though Moses dies in the story and the text continues.  We'll look at how scholars approach the question of Biblical authorship today.

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